After years of study and planning, Norah’s was born: a farm, agri-brewery, agritourism and zero-kilometer meat delivery.

A project, conceived and developed, with dedication and commitment, by young and creative minds, with the aim of offering experiences and products with a unique flavor, surrounded by the beauty of Nature.


A farm surrounded by nature, let our unique products surprise you .


An Agritourism with rooms, surrounded by an exceptional landscape: events, relax and excellent food.


Norah’s was born with the intention of renewing the family business of agriculture and breeding, thanks to a fresh and innovative point of view. The gaze of Eleonora Reginato, a young brew brewery, hence the name Norah’s way.

The traditions of a family, respected and at the same time revolutionized, to offer you genuine, tasty and fresh products, from the Earth to your table.


A family that, while remaining faithful to its roots, opens up to the future with innovation and creativity.

One vision: sustainable agriculture and farming, which generate quality products while minimizing waste and environmental impact. Dedication, commitment, passion and love for the Earth are the pillars at the base of the project.

A land rich in history, flavors and traditions.

An idea, that is now a concrete reality.

Norah’s is this and much more.


Beers with a unique flavor, produced with the best raw materials, 100% natural with low fermentation, without chemical additives, preservatives, dyes. To be enjoyed until the last sip.


Surrounded by hills, olive trees and vineyards, it is the ideal place to spend a weekend of relax and excellent food.


The realm of our master brewers: cutting-edge technologies, experience, creativity and passion, the perfect mix to obtain beers with character.


Delicious and high quality meat, zero kilometer, from animals raised in a sustainable way and attentive to their well-being.