A structure that blends with the landscape, cutting-edge technologies for agriculture and sustainable farming , the young and creative approach of the new generations, without renouncing the tradition .

We are a modern farm, where innovation generates products of the highest quality, genuine, with a rich and tasty flavor, as it once was.

In Norah’s Farm you will find vegetables, cereals, flours, craft beers and meat. All our products are good, healthy and fresh.

Respect for the ecosystem, animals and their well-being, the selection of the best raw materials, are the pillars on which our work is based. Norah’s Farm products contain passion, dedication and love for the land we cultivate.

Norah's beer

The brewery is the beating heart of Norah’s Farm . In this place, our master brewers brew our N-BEER : beers with a unique flavor, produced with the best ingredients, 100% natural, low fermentation, without chemical additives, preservatives, dyes.
We have chosen a 100% recyclable packaging , light and perfect for preserving all the aromatic notes of the product.

To be enjoyed until the last sip, your way.

Check out our selection and choose your favorite beer.

Norah's beef

The secret to such a delicious meat?

Animal welfare.

We take great care of the diet of our animals, we use only vegetable and 100% natural feed: in the summer months they graze free along the slopes of Monte Grappa, while during the winter they are protected in comfortable stables feeding on cereals and hay from our production.

Try Norah’s box , get quality meat, delivered at home for your barbecues!

Norah's veggies

We believe in sustainable and responsible agriculture, which minimizes waste from both a water and food point of view.

We grow tasty, colorful and genuine vegetables, which you can always find fresh in every season. You can enjoy them directly in our Farm in the BBQ stations, or have them delivered at home.

The cereals are transformed into our N-BEER and into flours that we use to knead, soft and fragrant, bread and pizza that you find in the Norah’s Box Burger .


Enjoy Norah’s products directly in our Farm: ready and equipped BBQ stations are at your disposal for your barbecues in the company of friends and family.